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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get up and running today?

Setting up a Wine List for your restaurant is easy:

1. Download the App. (click here to download)


2. Create a free WineList account. (takes 1 minute)


3. Select a theme and upload your restaurant's logo.


4. Input your wines to your wine list.


5. Press the "Sync" button in the App and your Wine List is displayed in your App.


6. If the WineList App is on other iPads, simply input your username and password in the app, hit "Sync" and your Wine List will appear there too! Though our WineList App is full-featured and robust, it's really simple to use.


How do I add wines to my wine list?

Adding wines can be done through your admin control panel at, or through the App on your iPad. When you download the app from Apple's App Store, you'll create a new account with a unique email address and password. You'll use those login credentials to access your wine list on this website.


Once you login to the website, our user-friendly interface will walk you through adding, editing, and deleting wines, putting wines on "special" and more.

Is there a monthly subscription fee for this service?

No, there are no added or recurring fees. Restaurant Wine List requires a nominal one time purchase fee through the iTunes App Store. From then on, there are no monthly fees or other charges!


Will I have to purchase Restaurant Wine List for each iPad in my restaurant?

As long as your iPads are synced to the same iTunes account on the same computer, Restaurant Wine List Pro can be synced to each iPad. However, Apple restricts the number of devices a downloaded App can sync to, which is currently 5 (check to verify). If you go over the maximum number of iPads Restaurant Wine List Pro is synced to, you'd have to purchase another copy of the App.


My restaurant will need 4 iPads to accommodate our customers. How do I sync multiple iPads to the same wine list?

It's easy. Since WineList for iPad streams your wine list from your online account, you'll simply enter your login info on each iPad in your restaurant. Your wine list data will instantly appear on your WineList app.


Do you have a demo I can try?

We do not currently have an online version or demo version of this app. The cost of the app is low, so the gamble isn't monumental, and restaurant owners tell us they love it!


How do I change my restaurant name, logo, color scheme, theme?

Just login to your admin control panel and you'll see what to do. It's easy.


Will there be any improvements or additions to future versions?

Yes! We will be adding more features, capabilities, and refinements in future releases of the full version of Restaurant Wine List.

Which languages does this app support?

Currently the app supports English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. The translations appear on buttons and headings on various pages throughout the app.


I don't have time to input my wines into the App... is there someone there who can do it for me?

Though Wine List for iPad is simple to use, we understand that it may be a bit intimidating to purchase iPads for your restaurant and create your comprehensive wine list on your own.


If your restaurant needs help integrating to a touch screen wine list, contact us here. For a fee we can handle everything from supplying your restaurant with iPads to input and maintenance of your WineList database. Contact us to discuss your needs with us.









Wine App for iPadRestaurant Wine List for iPad is the first do-it-yourself Wine List for iPad in the App Store! Perfect for restaurants, lounges, wine bars and connoisseurs.


Wine App for iPadWith our easy-to-use web interface, changing themes, languages and your restaurant's logo is a snap!



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